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Booking your animals' veterinary physiotherapy with Millie

Booking your animal in for treatment with Millie couldn't be simpler. All you need to do is drop Millie a text, WhatsApp, email, FB messenger message or a good old fashioned phone call - and let her know which animal (species) is to be treated, what the current situation is and where they are based. Millie will then arrange a mutually convenient time for your animal to be treated. 

It really is as simple as that! And there's no increased charge for a 'first consultation'. You pay the same amount whether its the first or the umpteenth treatment.  

Appointments can be made between 9am-8pm Monday to Friday and 10am-6pm at the weekends.

If this is your first visit with Millie, please be aware that veterinary consent must be obtained prior to treating any animal. This is a requirement under the the Veterinary Surgeons Act (1966) for all members of IRVAP. 

This beautiful dog enjoys his turn on the massage mat as part of his physiotherapy treatment with Millie Robinson

Contact Millie

This doberman was one of Millie Robinson's longest standing customers. A special dog in Millie's heart, he enjoyed her physiotherapy treatments (such as this one) for 5 years

Treatment prices

Prices are based on travel within a 20 mile radius of Burnham On Sea, Somerset. If travel outside this area is required then an additional charge will be applied, please get in touch for details.

Equine Treatments 

£60 per session



£50 per session

Feline Treatments

£30 per session

Prices for other species can be discussed upon enquiry

Small Animal Treatments

£20 per session


​Payment for treatment sessions is to be made in full at the time of booking each treatment, including those that will be claimed back from an insurance company.


Payment should be made by BACs transfer.

Cancellation policy

48 hours notice

must be given if you need to cancel your appointment or a cancellation fee will be applied.

Additional charges and discounts

Please note vet reports and written tailored exercise prescription programmes will be charged at an additional £20.

For cases requiring long-term, frequent physiotherapy, I am happy to discuss an individual pricing structure with you.

Can I pay through insurance?

Many insurance companies cover veterinary physiotherapy treatments and if your pet is insured, you may be able to claim back the cost of treatments. It is your responsibility to liaise with your insurance company to determine if this is the case. Payment will still be due at each appointment, Millie will provide a receipt should you be needing to claim back the cost from your insurance company.

Millie feels the sheeps back with her hands to assess muscle tone & condition to begin the physiotherapy treatment

What happens on a visit?

Your physiotherapy sessions will include a thorough assessment of your animal's condition, taking history from you as the owner, assessing their static posture, movement in different gaits, range of motion of joints and a general feel for muscle tone with a hands on palpation.


Once any areas that need addressing have been identified, treatment will begin. This will include a mixture of manual techniques such as massage, combined with complementing electrotherapies.


This may be followed on with some exercise prescription that I will work through with you so that you feel confident and comfortable with carrying out the exercises when I have left. If you need a written copy, I can type up and email you a home exercise prescription programme for you to follow between treatments. Written exercise prescriptions will be charged at an additional £20.


Should it be required, further physiotherapy sessions can be discussed including end goals and an approximation of the duration of treatments to reach these goals.​ Where animals require long-term, frequent physiotherapy, Millie can discuss an individual pricing structure with you.


You must be available throughout the treatment and be able to handle and lead (or have someone who can) the animal in varying gaits for the gait assessment.

Initial Assessment before treatment begins - Millie Robinson discusses this horse's gait issues & reasons for the physiotherapy with his owner

What is required of me?

You need to obtain consent from your vet before treatment can begin. An initial phone call to your vet is usually sufficient, which is then followed by a consent form that is needed prior to treatment. Please download the referral form and take it to your vet for them to fill in and sign. You are required to make sure that you have the form signed and ready in time for your first appointment.

Horse physiotherapy session in particular:

  • Horses need to be in and ready before I arrive. I don't generally have time to wait for horses to be bought in from the field and prepped!

  • Dry bodies and ideally dry legs too! It's very hard to feel the muscles under the coat if it's soaking wet and almost impossible if wet mud is there too!

  • Dry mud is also undesirable, please brush it off if you have a chance! Shedding winter coats and dusty bodies with some muddy patches are honestly fine! I don't expect HOYS showing supreme levels of grooming!!

  • If they are not rugged, please consider rugging in a lightweight rug the night before if rain is forecast.

  • When booking please let me know if you do not have lights or a dry, flat surface for gait analysis. We may need to sort an appointment during daylight hours or arrange for a suitable trot up to be filmed prior to treatment. Where there's a will there's a way!

  • If its blowing a gale or lashing with rain, a dry, clean stable is always appreciated (that's just me, not to mention the patient)! Equally if it's blistering sunshine a cool shady stable is most welcome. 

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