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Millie Robinson doing a lateral leg stretch with a horse having physiotherapy treatment
Silhoutte of horse head, dog head and rabbit from Millie Robinson Veterinary Physiotherapist logo


Providing a professional and caring mobile veterinary physiotherapy service for all animals in and around Somerset and the South West.

Why is veterinary physiotherapy important for animals?

Veterinary physiotherapy is becoming increasingly popular with pet owners and competitors owners alike. The benefits of physiotherapy are more widely recognised than ever before and the benefits to an animal's health and well-being are making physiotherapy a popular choice with both owners and their vets.

Veterinary physiotherapy can help animals in all stages of life, it can help to improve fitness and performance in the athlete, but it can also be used to improve general fitness and well-being in non-competing animals who just want to enjoy life whether it be rolling in a field or chasing squirrels in the park!

Millie feels the horses side with her hands to assess muscle tone & condition to begin the physiotherapy treatment
How Vet Physio can help

How does veterinary physiotherapy help animals?

Millie uses her hand to assess this retreiver's range of motion of joints and muscle tone during his physiotherapy treatment

As with humans, physiotherapy can help to assist in post-surgery rehabilitation, reducing pain and restoring normal functions as soon as possible. In cases where surgery is not an option, physiotherapy may be used to manage conditions conservatively by reducing pain and working on strengthening different areas to provide support to the affected structures.

​Some neurological conditions can also be helped with suitable physiotherapy treatment plans, often improving the animal’s quality of life. Senior animals can also benefit from pain relief and general loosening of tight muscles, leading to a better quality of life in those later years when conditions such as arthritis can become more common.

Veterinary physiotherapy can benefit patients by:

Reducing pain

​Maintaining & building muscle mass & strength

Maintaining, & often improving, joint mobility

Improving balance, strength & proprioception

Improving quality of life

A horse receiving Phototherapy as part of his physiotherapy treatment from Mille Robinson


Veterinary physiotherapy combines a tailored mixture of different therapies to maximise the benefits for each individual. Millie uses a variety of the techniques below and has all of the following electrotherapies to compliment her manual techniques.

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Manual therapies

  • ​Massage

  • Myofascial release

  • Stretches

  • Passive range of motion

  • Thoracolumbar lifts

  • Kinesiology Taping


  • Pulsed magnetic field therapy

  • Ultrasound

  • Phototherapy (laser) red

  • Phototherapy (laser) blue

  • Equissage and Canissage

  • Heat and Cold

  • TENS

  • NMES

Exercise Prescription

  • Proprioceptive enhancements

  • Active range of motion

  • Strengthening & stability

  • Pole work

  • Uphill and downhill work

It's rare to find a therapist who totally understands the demands we put modern horses under. Not as a base level....but really understands. Millie also rides to a high standard so her comprehension of feel and balance is excellent. I value her opinion, respect her level of education and now consider her a vital member of my little support team.

K. Jewell

Which animals can Millie treat?

Mille provides a complete mobile veterinary physiotherapy service for a wide variety of animals from horses and dogs to cats and rabbits, goats, sheep and more.

Having grown up around animals, Millie is passionate and knowledgeable about their health, welfare and individual needs and always provides the highest standard of care. She has many years of experience around horses, dogs, cattle, sheep and rabbits so has an extensive knowledge of a wide variety of species.


Millie will treat any animal if there is a need to and is happy to use her skills to help improve the quality of life of companion, farm and even exotic animals.


About Millie

Millie Robinson MSc(VPhys) is a level 7 qualified veterinary physiotherapist and a registered member of the Institute of Registered Veterinary and Animal Physiotherapists (IRVAP). 

Millie graduated her undergraduate degree in 2014 and after seeing the improvements her horse made after physio post kissing spine surgery, she decided that she wanted to make a career as a veterinary physiotherapist. She returned to university to undertake a Masters degree in veterinary physiotherapy. Her thesis researched the effects that exercise prescription plans - stretches and lifts - can have on the development of top-line and increase of flexibility of the horse. The results were really useful and she now incorporates this into her daily work. ​Millie also completes regular CPD courses to keep her knowledge up to date and to increase her skill set.

​Based centrally in the South West in Burnham On Sea, Somerset, Millie is happy to travel further afield, around the South West to her clients when necessary.

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Millie Robinson Veterinary Physiotherapist treating an equine with the electrotherapy as part of his physiotherapy treatment

Booking an appointment

To make an appointment, please contact me via phone (text, call or Whatsapp) on 07725 626352. Alternatively you can reach me through FB messenger or email.

Please take a look at my 'appointments page' for more information about making an appointment including pricing, using insurance and details about what you can  expect on a visit - as well as what is required of you!  

Please note that payment is required upon booking to secure the appointment. 48 hours notice must be given if you need to cancel your appointment or a cancellation fee will be applied.

Opening Times​:

Mon - Fri: 9am-8pm
Sat - Sun: 10am-6pm​

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